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Union City: Uptown Funk

Journey Home-Opening Ceremony “40 Year Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War”

“The School” Electives offered at UCJSHS

Preservation and Progress in Union City

2015 UCJSHS Fine Arts Showcase

Good Morning #HobbitChallenge

UC Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet

MV Flashmob

Journey Home Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

UCJSHS Musical Promo:

Cable Chatter: Union City, Indiana

Cable Chatter: HSEM

Cable Chatter: UC Chamber of Commerce

Cable Chatter: Journey Home

Community Connections-UC Golf Carts

Community Connections-UC Chamber Events

Community Connections-10k Run/Walk

Connection Interrupted-Le Minecraft

Connection Interrupted Episode 5: Back to the League (Because We Said So)

Connection Interrupted Episode 4: Fishes and Sandwiches

Connection Interrupted Episode 3: Civil Worm Wars

Cable Chatter: Tri-County Tree Service

Cable Chatter: Chamber of Commerce

Reboot: Season 2 Episode 2 “Superman”

Connection Interrupted: Episode 2

Connection Interrupted: Episode 1

Reboot: Season 2 Episode 1-2 “Star Trek”

Reboot: Season 2 Episode 1-1 “Star Trek”